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Mothering Day


“The mother’s heart is the child’s school-room.”  -Henry Ward Beecher

Mother’s Day is a holy day indeed, a blessed day, a precious day.  It is a day we should all celebrate if for no other reason…and there is not a more fundamental reason…than that our mothers chose life.  We can and should be forever grateful for this.  There is no greater gift.


But on Mother’s Day I believe we should also celebrate ALL women who mother, for motherhood is certainly more than a physical act.  We miss the true essence of motherhood if we reduce this sacred role to something wholly explained by obstetrics.


Those who mother bear hope.

Those who mother invest in the future.

Those who mother protect innocence.

Those who mother guide the vulnerable.

Those who mother teach about all that really matters.

Those who mother sacrifice for the Good.

Those who mother love and let go…and still love.


Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Mothering Day, to all women who carry life, birth life, and nurture life in every way.  “Thank you” is a good starting point, but not nearly enough!


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